Why Study in Australia ?

If you are willing to pursue your further education, fast track your career or undertake a world-class degree then Australia is the best country that offers you a huge range of opportunities. Whether you choose to undertake a humanities, engineering degree, an MBA, or an English language course, Australia is always on a top in order to provide international students the best education, standard of living and so on.

Quality of life

After Norway, Australia ranks best on the quality of life factor. Australia is the best place for those who are looking to pursue their higher education abroad. world-leading healthcare services, numerous student services, the dynamic range of public transport and a comparatively affordable cost of living are the best part which attracts international students to go to Australia for their further study.

Australia’s state capital cities are listed as the world’s 30 best cities for students in terms of cost of living and student community, employment opportunities and quality of life.

The Australian Government provides some $200 million worth of scholarships for students looking to study abroad in its country, numerous research opportunities, permanent residency status after graduation and job visas in multiple fields.

The world’s leading universities are located in Australia. Australia has a Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) which is a national regulatory and quality agency for higher education.

In addition, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) law protects:

  1. the welfare of all international students.
  2. the quality of educational experience.
  3. the provision of up-to-date information.

Post-study work opportunities

After the completion of studies, international students have the opportunity to spend more time in Australia too. The temporary graduate visa allows you to remain in Australia to study, live, work after you have finished your studies. the stream you apply for will decide your length of stay.

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