permanent residency

What are the visas that I can apply for permanent residency?

Australia is one of the best countries to migrate in order to live a quality of life. There are different visas leading to permanent residency available for the migrants. These visas are also known as skilled-migration visas (General Skilled Migration). some of the well-known visa types are as follows:

Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa – Subclass 489 (State or Family Sponsorship Streams Available)

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189 *Points-stream

You can find out which occupations are eligible for these visas on the Combined Skilled Occupation List on the Home Affairs Website.

There are many courses that will lead to permanent residency in Australia. On the Combined Skilled Lists, there are more than 170 occupations that you can do in order to gain PR in Australia. Some of the main courses that lead you to PR are:

Nursing Course:

Highly skilled medical staff is a must on Australia’s healthcare sector where its population depends on. Thousands of international students and local students are attracted to the Medical courses and nursing courses to carry out their passion and build a career in it.  Nursing is one of the most needed things in the medical field. Migrants who graduate in Nursing from Australia will be able to apply for different types of permanent residency visas (189, 190, 489, & more).

To be eligible, individuals should be registered.   Overseas registered nurses can take various courses to get registered and be eligible for PR.

Information Technology Course:

IT has been one of the most demanded subjects in the present context. the developing scenario of technology had made this subject more demanded. Specializing in the network, security, hardware, software, website development courses different universities updates these courses related to information and technology fields and help in the digital field. The growing need for the industries has made a demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates grow rapidly in the present time. Many occupations regarding Its field are on the list of the Combined Skilled List which helps them to get PR easily.

Some requirements of ICT graduates may be either have at least one year of work experience in Australia or apply for a Professional Year program which will make them eligible to get skilled visas.

Engineering Course:

In the field of engineering, Australia is one of the best countries in the world. International students are attracted to pursue further higher education and develop their careers in the engineering field. Engineers are the ones who create, build, manufacture, design, innovate and invent. Different occupations related to engineering are very demanded in Australia such as Geotechnical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer,  Environmental Engineer,  Agricultural Engineer, and civil engineer.

individuals who graduated from Australia in these fields have a high opportunity to get PR very easily.

Cookery & Hospitality Course:

There are many courses in the field of Cookery & Hospitality which have high demand all over the world. There is a high chance of getting PR for those graduating in these fields. Australia’s booming tourism industry demands and looks for passionate persons in order to develop the field and make a difference in their job.

some of the occupations regarding this field include Manager; Hotel or Motel Manager; Licensed Club Manager, Accommodation and Hospitality Managers, Chef; Cafe or Restaurant Manager,  Bed and Breakfast Operator and many more.

Business Administration Course:

Pursuing higher education in the field of Business Administration Courses such as Bachelor of Business Administration or Master of Business Administration (MBA) will let you apply as a management consultant and become eligible for PR. to meet the skill assessment criteria you need at least one year of experience as a management consultant role.

Besides these courses, there are many courses that you can take to gain PR in Australia. You can visit our office and consult our consultant for further knowledge and understanding