TOEFL in Grace International

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language is a systematize test which is used to measure the English language ability of unfamiliar speakers who wishes to enroll in universities where English is spoken. TOEFL is a highly respected English-language proficiency test that can get you noticed by thousands of universities all over the world.

The TOEFL scores are acknowledged by numerous colleges and are moreover utilized for screening the familiarity of English for potential work candidates and migration visas around the world. A few colleges consider the TOEFL test as an obligatory necessity for confirmation purposes.

TOEFL test runs for about four hours. It comprises four areas, each measuring one of the fundamental language skills including reading, listening, speaking and writing. The test mainly looks after the language used in an academic field. Reality check: this test can’t be taken more than once a week. Universities located in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and many other excellent regions publicly recommend the TOEFL exam.


Here 3 to 4 passages will be given based on which 36 to 56 questions will be asked. Each passage will be around 700 words on average. An individual should practice completing each passage in 20 minutes duration. All the questions in this section are in Multiple Choice format where the answer can either be one of the four given options or two of the four given options. Your ability to read English is measured on a scale of 0 to 30


An individual has to listen to short audio consisting of classroom discussions, lectures, and conversations. You have to listen carefully and answer the provided questions accordingly. The ability to listen and understand the English based context is measured here.


It is designed to make to examine the ability to speak in English on the provided topic. You are required to state your opinion on that topic accordingly. You are expected to complete 6 given tasks in this section. Ability to speak and understand English contextual words and phrases are measured in this part.


Here you have to put your reading and listening skills to use in this section. The writing section is divided into two categories – Integrated Writing and Independent Writing. In the integrated writing section, you have to write a passage on exactly 150 words to 225 words. You will be given 20 minutes to completed the Integrated Writing section.in the independent Writing section, a topic will be provided to you for putting together a piece of info. After carefully gathering the needed information, you are required to write an essay that must consist of at least 300 words. The Independent Writing task must be completed in 30 minutes.