Nursing in Australia

Nursing in Australia has evolved in preparing and training since the nineteenth century.

Nursing schools in Australia have an excellent reputation internationally for providing high-quality nurse education programs designed to service every sector of the health care industry. Students who study nursing in Australia can receive the highest quality training which will equip them to work within a wide variety of health care settings the Australian nurse education courses can be studied throughout the country and can follow a number of different specializations.

Nurses are critical to the success of any healthcare system and Australian and trained nurses are much in demand all over the world. At the undergraduate level, the bachelor of nursing is a three-year professional degree that will qualify you as a general registered nurse. As this term suggests, the focus is on producing graduates with a strong academic and practical ability in all areas of nursing. If you wish to specialize in a particular area – for example pediatric, mental health, oncology or emergency nursing – you would do so at the postgraduate level (please see information below).

This approach ensures that nursing graduates have a huge number of options open to them after they finish studying, and are able to decide whether they want to focus on one area at a later stage (often after having worked and gained real-world professional experience) rather than being restricted in their career by only being trained in one area of nursing.

Types of nurses

Nurses fall into the following major categories:

  1. Nurse Practitioner(NP)
  2. Registered Nurse(RN)
  3. Enrolled Nurse(EN)

Supported by the following: Assistant In Nursing(AIN)

The salary of a nurse depends on two factors: the type of nurse and the years of experience in the position.

Nurse practitioner: $118,419 to $123,629

Registered nurse: $62,724 to $86,316

Endorsed enrolled nurse: $56,515 to $59,982

Assistant in nursing: $52,228 to $57,182

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