Best Education Consultancy in Nepal Study abroad

How to Choose the Best Education Consultancy in Nepal?

Many Nepali students are looking into studying abroad, with Australia, the UK, Canada, and America being popular choices.

To make the admission process easier, it is best to get help from an education expert.

There are many education consultancies in Nepal, but it can be difficult to know which one is the best.

To choose the best education consultancy in Nepal, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

What Services are offered by an Education Consultancy?

The application process for admission can be daunting, as it requires you to complete several preparatory and documentation tasks. In addition, requirements vary depending on the country and university you are applying to, as well as the specific program requirements. However, knowing that selecting a reliable education consultancy will make the process much easier.

Here are some, but not all, of the services you will be offered by Grace International Education Consultancy:

  • In-person counseling
  • Profile assessment
  • Language proficiency test/mock test/personalized practice sessions
  • Information on country, universities, course, fee
  • Financial documentation support
  • Review and editing services of SOP, LOR, CV, proposal, essay, etc.
  • Look for programs offering scholarships, bursaries or other financial aids
  • Preparations for visa interview
  • Shipment services if required
  • Pre-departure sessions

These are the major support offered by education consultancies in Nepal. But depending on the case, the services of education consultancies may not be limited to those listed above.

1000s of students have trusted Grace International with their Study Abroad.

“I recommend Grace International to everyone for all your visa queries. They guided me in a very quick and professional manner when I was required to submit my visa application. I am very thankful to Roshan sir and Andrew sir for guiding me in this matter.” –KIRAN GURUNG, Aspire2 International, Tauranga


Education Consultancy is an institution that not only helps students to find the right college or university but also provides them with tips and resources necessary for success such as acquiring scholarships and visas. Good education consultants will also be updated on the latest immigration policies, which can impact a student’s ability to study abroad.

Why do you need an Education consultancy in Nepal?

One of the most difficult aspects of planning for foreign university studies is completing the application process. Although research about courses, tuition fees, location, and scholarships is crucial, it’s only the beginning. Other necessary steps include preparing for language proficiency tests, writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP), securing letters of recommendation (LOR), gathering notarized financial documents, and preparing for visa interviews (if required).

If you choose the right education consultant, they will be equally involved and guide you through the entire process- making it so much easier. Let’s ponder over some advantages you get:

Some benefits of choosing an education consultant include:

  1. You will get expert guidance on the best educational options available to you.
  2. You will be able to save time by having someone else do the research for you.
  3. Assess your profile and help you find suitable programs based on your interest.
  4. Get Complete information about location, university/college, and courses.
  5. They will guide you with the financial documentation required for the admissions and visa process.
  6. You will get support in travel and accommodation arrangements.
  7. Enroll in classes and get guidance for English language proficiency tests.
  8. Get the best offers from colleges and discounts like application fees waiver and more.

How to know if you’re choosing the right education consultant in Nepal?

There are many education consultancies in Kathmandu, and each one claims to be the best. But you’re not just looking for the best – you want to find the right consultancy for you. Before starting work with any of them, it’s wise to do a thorough background check. This will save you from complaints or dissatisfaction later on.

You may consider a few things prior to deciding which education consultancy you would choose for your study abroad journey.

Things to consider while choosing an education consultancy in Nepal

  1. Do they have extensive knowledge about the education system?
  2. Do they keep updated with the latest changes in the education sector?
  3. Do they have a good network of colleges and universities?
  4. Do they offer personalized attention to each student?
  5. Do they provide guidance beyond just finding the right college or university?
  6. Do the instructors need to have a specific qualification in English?
  7. Do they have a good track record?
  8. Do their services cover everything from admission to the visa process?
  9. Do they have branches in different parts of Nepal?
  10. Are they accessible when you need them?